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Make your dream body a reality! Stubborn fat, cellulite or sagging skin are undesired problems for most people. With combination of the most modern non-invasive and pain free treatments such as CoolShaping cryolipolysis, acoustic shockwave, lymphatic drainage and firming radio-frequenze treatments even the most stubborn fat or persistent cellulite will become history. Everyone is unique – for suitable treatment for You book a free consultation.

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Healthy, youthful and radiant skin is the basis of your natural beauty. Non-invasive and non-surgical, using the best of modern cosmetic science for visible and lasting rejuvenation!  Depending on your needs – you can choose between Aesthe’s special anti-aging, lifting and rejuvenation, deep cleansing, eye contour correction, anti-acne and pigmentation treatments.

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The times of painful and regular epilation, waxing and shaving are over. With the modern IPL / SHR technology you can achieve smooth and hairless skin forever in few sessions. With the permanent hair removal gives you – no more needing to think about shaving, waxing and improved skin quality – no regular irritations, better hydration and no infected hair follicles
Number of required treatments are individual and depending on your skin and hair color, thickness and hair growth cycle – no need to worry with Aesthe’s guaranteed result packages.

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Enhance your natural beauty and look great all the time without any effort. For timeless beauty that takes no time at all. Eyes are the windows to the soul – help yours to truly stand out. You can choose between eyelash extensions, eyelash coloring and eyebrows coloring and forming and permanent make up. Not sure what is the best for you? Make a free consultation appointment with Aesthe’s experienced cosmetician.

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Well groomed hands and feet are reflections of perfection. It is the little details that tell a lot. You can choose between Nude or Shellac treatments. The long lasting Shellac nail polish is the best solution for your active lifestyle – perfection & convenience.

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Experience the deep tissue relaxation and detoxification effects of our hot stone massage.  Or try some of our special Anti-stress treatments to relax and recharge. For everyone looking for relaxation from the everyday hustle and bustle.


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