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Eyelash extensions

Eyelash Extensions


  • Your eyes are likely one of your most individual and beautiful features of your face
  • Eyelash extensions emphasise your natural beauty and spares your time
  • Your look is perfect 24/7
  • As you do not need to apply any additional mascara (and also remove it) the skin around your eyes will revitalise
  • Fully natural look
  • Especially recommended for the once who value always perfect look and appreciate convenience


  • We are using 1 on 1 technique which results in the most durable and natural looking eyelash extensions – on each of your own eyelash is added one extension
  • Our high quality eyelash extensions and glue guarantee the best results
  • The treatment lasts between 90-120 minutes

How long does it last?

  • Unlimited with regular refills in every 2-4 weeks

After the treatment

After the treatment you are ready to go! the first 24 hours you should avoid intensive activities involving water and sweat. The glue needs 24 hours to fully dry. Every 2-4 weeks you, you need a refill.

Little extra for You

The eyelash after-care brush and eye pads during treatment are included