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Winter Glow Facial Treatment

Do you know how to keep your best looks in the upcoming cold season?

After years of experience and cooperation and learning curve with dermatologists and cosmetics developers, we’ve learned the #1 secret to looking your best is:

Regular care and providing your skin what it needs depending on a season! 

It is regular cleansing and deep infusion of the nutrition and hydration that your skin needs including boost of your own collagen production centres.

Aesthe seasonal signature facial treatment combines all required steps in an unique way.

So – next to all the other preparations we do for the upcoming festive season – the perhaps most important is – to make sure we survive the stress and hectic times of the last quarter of the year – with healthy and glowing skin. So not only everything else is perfect – but we too!

  • Lightly removes the dead outer epidermis lawyers – in this season the skin is more sensitive then in other times of the year, therefore the microdermabrasion is performed only very lightly
  • Intense rehydration of the underlying dermis layers – by special season serum with high content of vitamin C and hyaluron – applied with RF waves to deliver the substance deep under the superficial dermis layers and to restart the collagen production
  • Aloe vera mask & massage – to increase the blood circulation
  • Skin nutrition and preparation for the cold season
  • Firmer and clean skin
  • Returns the skin tone and glow

Regular price: chf 299

Special price until 31.12.2016: 50% discount – only chf 149

"Quality of services, politeness and cleanliness are TOP! I went for a deep facial skin treatment and got out with the softest skin ever. The soft skin sensation lasts for days. Jasmin is a genius in both human interaction and cosmetics. Also had my eyebrows done, and finally found somebody who understood how I need and want them to look like. Will definitely become a regular client at Aesthe! Awesome location and wonderful, highly professional staff. Could not be happier about it and highly recommend it."


"Ich bin schon seit ein Jahr bei Aesthe und mache regelmässige Gesicht Behandlung mit Microdermoabrasion und bin super zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis und Service. Meine Haut hat sich um vielfache verbessert, ist straffer, reiner weniger Falte und was bei mir sehr ausgeprägt war sind die Poren, und das ist viel besser geworden. Haut hat auch keine Rötungen mehr, und wirkt beruhigend. Komme sehr gerne zu Behandlung und fühle ich mich sehr gut und professionell behandelt."


"I tried out the Complete Face Lifting Package. Since the first treatment I was stunned with the results: my skin was beautiful, the lines were so much softer, I was literally glowing! Everyone noticed it. I am in my mid thirties but after the second treatment I felt at least 5 years younger. The results intensity grew with each treatment. I believe the success lays in great products linked with the technology. The whole lifting treatment takes 1 hour and the results are absolutely incredible. My skin was never this clean, hydrated and healthy. I highly recommend it to anyone, you look immediately prettier and you feel immediately great."