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Anti-cellulite treatment

anti cellulite treatmentWhat
Effective and non-invasive anti cellulite treatment designed using the latest scientific methods

Cellulite effects about 80% of women and 10% of man. The dimpled skin is the visual result of an uneven distribution of the fatty tissue beneath the skin surface. Cellulite is not a serious medical condition however a lot of people find it visually unattractive
This treatment is a very effective combination of accustic shockwave therapy (15-20 min), lymphatic dreinage (30 min) and radiofrequence therapy with firming extract (15-20 min) .

For whom
For any body with cellulite areas – this treatment is effective for all cellulite phases – I., II. and III.

Visible and lasting results already after 6 treatments.
Before the treatment

No specific requirements.

After the treatment

Essential to maintain hydration regime and balanced diet during the whole treatment process – individual recommendation will be provided during the treatment with the therapist.
50% of the treatment is in your hands (hydration and diet) and 50% is the treatment.