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Acoustic shock wave is the number one treatment for cellulite. It delivers to the treated area up to 20 pressure impulses per second. The wave reaches up to 10 mm deep in the tissue and triggers strong activation of the tissue. The acoustic waves are effective in disrupting the sclerotic fibrous tissue responsible for much of the uneven appearance of cellulite The pressure in the tissue also restarts blood circulation and lymphatic system and ensures that the uneven distributed fat cells which cause the dimpled orange skin disappear. Possible to treat all degrees of cellulite, results visible after first few treatments.



Microdermabrasion is a facial procedure that uses manual exfoliation to remove the outer layer of skin. The dead skin cells are exfoliated and vacuumed off the face with a machine that uses tips covered in tiny diamonds. The diamond tips—together with the strong suction—make it possible to exfoliate the skin very thoroughly and gently in the same time.
The exfoliation and suctioning disrupts the skin’s surface causing cell division. As the skin cells divide fibroblast activity is stimulated leading to collagen production, which leads to thicker, firmer skin. Human skin sloughs off at a slower rate with age, so the exfoliation of several layers of the stratum corneum (surface skin layers) leaves skin fresh and radiant. Microdermabrasion is effective to decrease the appearance of superficial hyperpigmentation, photo-damage, diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and shallow acne scars, which helps to even out the texture.



Cryolipolysis is a modern focused fat reduction method. It was developed by Harvard scientists. Its principle relies on controlled cooling for non-invasive local reduction of fat deposits to reshape body contours. The exposure to cooling causes fat cell death without damage to the overlying skin. The procedure is a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction. Cryolipolysis reduces fat by cold cooling of the fat in a the treated area to approximately -5 Cº. As fat does not react well to cold, the fat cells loose its composition and are eliminated by the body in a natural way by the lymphatic system. The treatment is combined with the vacuum massage program. At the same time the vacuum handle pulls the fat against the freezing plates, the pull is made with a dynamic wave that allows a better efficiency. This dynamic wave stimulates the area to allow a better flow and distribution of fat and blood. This functionality works in a similar way, allowing the fat to be exposed to the cooling panels.A healthy diet and exercise are crucial complement of the therapy. Regular exercise during this period helps to optimise the fat elimination. Cryolipolysis affects only fat cells, since they are more sensitive to cold than other cells. The fat is eliminated without any damage to the skin, muscles and nerves.



Mesotherapy treatment is a modern non-invasive and non-surgical cosmetic solution aimed at skin rejuvenation. It helps to introduce the different treatment products in a very effective and non- invasive way; with no damages to the skin or risks for permanent damage of the old mesotherapy with needles.
Electroporation, which is the underlying technology, uses short modulated pulses of a low current to create transient aqueous pores in the skin. This application of an electrical pulse momentarily disrupts the cell membrane, allowing the entry of product. When the pulse ceases, the membrane returns to its original structure, leaving product that has been penetrated into the interior of the cell in place. The effect lasts for a few seconds, therefore allowing the introduction of product. This dramatically increases skin permeability.This process also stimulates your skin to enable muscle toning, draining of liquids from intercellular space (helps with puffiness), and the production of new collagen and elastin. It means that whatever substance is used for the treatment of your skin will be much more effective! Your skin will feel ‘tight’, and subtly lifted. This ‘channel, or door’ that is created for just a few seconds is allowing whatever we are sending down into that deeper layer (where things ‘happen’ at a cellular level) to create real changes in the skin. Because of the depth it can go and when the door or channel closes, it stays down there continuing to make positive, corrective changes.  Advantages include no pain or risk of injection track, controlled depth of the substance injection without affecting the vessels or the products transfer into the bloodstream and penetration of the substance is above 90%.



Both are Safe and proven methods of hair removal – using light to generate heat in the hair follicles. The heat eliminates the hair follicles at the root and permanently stops new hair growth.
IPL: Intense Pulse Light – high energy light directed at the hair follicles. IPL employs short impulses with high energy. The energy is transported to the hair root through melanin, where warmth of 65-72° Celsius is produced. Energy reaches the root of the hair follicle solely through melanin.SHR: Super Hair Removal – new generation hair removal system – gradual heating – lower energy, higher frequency. The hair melanin, as well as the tissue of the stem cells, is heated with lower energy at a slower pace and over a longer period of time (90 seconds) to a comfortable temperature of 45° Celsius. It is practically painless and even lighter and finer hair can be treated.

The treatment allows to remove hair from all parts of the body (underarms, face, bikini area, legs). It does not damage surrounding tissue and can cope with hair of almost any thickness and color.



Pressotherapy is a detoxifying treatment using activation of the lymphatic to promote the body’s natural clearing functions. The revitalization and oxygenation of the tissue helps to slim and redefine the legs, stomach and arms while enhancing skin tone. It consists of a computer controlled compression system, which operates using inflating pumps. The device has separate chambers, which are positioned around the limbs. These focus on moving the venous and lymph flow, starting from the ankles and moving to the upper thighs. Designed to increase blood circulation and lymph flow, Pressotherapy enhances extra-cellular fluid clearance, reduces bloating, swelling and oedema, alleviates leg fatigue and improves oxygen flow through the whole body.



As we age, our skin loses elasticity and firmness as connective tissue begins to break down. Multi-polar RF uses waves of different frequencies to create heat which penetrates several levels of fat and skin cells.The treatment is non-surgical tightening of the early signs of loose or sagging skin; ideal for those who don’t want a surgical procedure. It is commonly used to treat the forehead, under the eyes, cheeks, mid-face, jaw line, and neck.

Technically speaking, radio frequency is the number of oscillations (or waves) per second of the electric and magnetic fields within the radio waves portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

A RF device is placed on the skin and is used in the problem areas for 15 to 30 minutes. When the waves reach the tissue where collagen fibers are embedded, the heating process causes them to quickly contract. The RF energy is able to penetrate deep into the skin and affect the deeper dermis and subcutaneous layers, causing tightening and improvements to the underlying tissue structure. At the same time, the increase in temperature is boosting the metabolism of fibroblasts, resulting in a smoother and younger looking complexion.


Vital Injector2 is the innovative upgragded product of the orignal Vital Injector, an Aqua Lifting Automatic Injector.It has adopted the newest technique to use 5 needles simultanenosly which maximizes teh effect and shortens the time of the treatement. Furthermore, it has also adopted the disposable filter systems which offers safe treatments in a hygienic enviroment.



Ultrasonic peeling emits piezoelectric vibrations (27,000 vibrations per second) on the skin surface. These rapid vibrations push skin impurities to the skin surface, cause any dead skin cells to become dislodged and open the pores. Next to the deep cleanse and gently exfoliating the epidermis, the rapid expansions and contractions of the vibrating hand piece are also effective to destroy skin bacteria making it a very effective part of anti-acne treatment. The vibration also works as a massage boosting collagen production. Ultrasonic peel is recognized by experts as one of the gentlest face cleansing treatments that can significantly reduce acne, clean clogged pores, smooth wrinkles, and provide deep moisture and lifting effect by affecting only outer layer of skin without harming it. The procedure increases metabolism providing oxygen and important nutrients to the skin cells.