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Body treatments

Being a little sceptical about the treatment at first, couldn’t believe the 3 cm off my waist line after the first treatment. Thank you Aesthe, for the professional advice, treatment and the results!” Mark K.

“Despite my healthy and active life style, there were always the stubborn fat love handles who would stay with me no matter what. After few cool sculpting sessions I was very happy to see them disappearing and now, can’t wait for the bikini time! Thank you for your professional treatments and amazing results.” Christina M.

“I just had my third session of cryolyposis at Aesthe and I am in awe with the results!!! I am a mother of twins and though I could get my shape back fairly fast with exercise there was no way my belly would go back to how it used to be before the pregnancy. My skin stretched so much that I was sure surgery would be my only option to recover my belly shape. Until I went to Aesthe…I saw a video on the cryolyposis and I decided to try it not knowing how amazing it can actually be. Not only the persistent fat that wouldn’t respond to diet or exercise is forever gone, the skin of the belly is also firm and straight. I had only 3 sessions and it’s more than enough. This is a life changing treatment, no surgery, no drugs, simply amazing!!” H.C.C.