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"My mission is to create an honest cosmetic institute for professional women and men! where you can feel comfortable, relax from the business all around and in the most effective and efficient make sure you look at your best - with the help of the modern and proven treatments which are holistic and non-invasive and focusing on the overall wellbeing and sustainable result


"Ich lege Wert auf natürliche Schönheit, denn ohne inneres Glück strahlt man keine Schönheit aus. Respekt und Sympathie sind wichtig in meiner Arbeit. Kosmetische Behandlungen sind auf gegenseitigem Vertrauen aufgebaut. Darum liebe ich meinen Beruf mit dem direkten Kontakt zu Menschen. Mit Aesthe erfüllte ich meinen Traum."


EXPERIENCE 25 Years of practicing various forms of physical, mental & emotional stress release for - prevention of stress related disease - release of trauma & stress in cellular memory - empowerment & peronal growth In South Africa, Germany and Switzerland. PERSONAL Father, Bio-energetic massotherapist, martial arts & meditation teacher, fitnesstrainer LANGUAGES German, english & afrikaans


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