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Does the treatment hurt?

  • No, this treatment is almost painless. You may experience an itchy sensation on your skin when the light hits and eliminates the hair shaft. The sensation depends on the sensitivity of your skin and the treated area, for example bikini area typically being more sensitive than legs
  • For the sensitive areas you can ask us to use anesthetizing crème prior to the treatment

What do I need to do to prepare for the treatment?

  • You need to shave the area you wish to have treated 2-3 day prior to the treatment
  • Ideally your skin in the area to be treated should neither be recently tanned nor treated with Botox

do you have the time?

  • We understand life is busy. We offer you, unique – opening hours from early morning to late evening from mon – fri and also option to come on Saturday! With the modern technology – not only the treatment does not hurt, it is also fast. Depending on the treated area you need between 10 – 45 minutes per treatment. Imagine all the time you save once you are done never having to shave or wax again

How permanent is the hair removal?

Many studies have consecutively proven that the with the IPL / SHR method, the effective hair reduction is above 98%.

Depending on your skin and hair type, few maintenance treatment sessions may be required, every 3-5 years